Heads up: Yamakaky/rust-bindgen and servo/rust-bindgen have unforked!

The canonical repository is now https://github.com/servo/rust-bindgen and bindgen >= 0.20.0 on crates.io has C++ support!

If you were using libbindgen (which was the library version of the servo fork), all versions have been yanked from crates.io, and you should update to bindgen >= 0.20.0.

I've also updated my bindgen + build.rs + bzip2 tutorial to reflect this unforking.

Shout outs and many thanks to Yamakaky and Emilio!

Happy bindings generation everybody!


@fitzgen I can't find an issue I opened, in the new repo(I opened it on the old repo).
Have these been lost in the transition?

It was related to incorrect code being generated in cases like:

  • [some_type] const* variable_name
    Where the bindgen code would generate a mutable pointer, while it should be immutable.

@LilianMoraru, we've fixed a few bugs related to pointer constness, have you tried to reproduce? Still hitting the bug? If so, the best thing to do would be to file a new issue.

We migrated some issues over manually, but many didn't apply anymore; it's possible we missed yours!

The issue is still reproducible.
I'll open a new issue.