Has async-std been... dead?

I do not use Rust professionally, but I do dab into Rust here and there for fun projects. Nowsaday, when we talked about writing asynchronous application, Tokio is like the number one name, by very far.

A few year back, async-std was also an alternative, I think. However, it does not seem to be in active development. I personally have a preference for async-std, as I worked with a web assembly project before, and Tokio works with wasm in a limited number of feature (at least at the time that I tried to mess around with it) while async-std seems to work all the time (at least in my experience).

But yeah, the last async-std was over an year ago. It seems like the project is no longer actively maintained. So I just wondering if it's (informally) dead? Also, by any chance, is there a notable alternative to Tokio? Just curious. Thank you.


Best context to this question I have found: Tokio comparison · Issue #992 · async-rs/async-std · GitHub


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