Funny interaction between deref coersion and `Vec<Box<Trait>>`

I just encountered a funny edge case with boxed trait objects and automatic deref coersions. Basically, a &Box<Trait> doesn't coerce to &Trait, even when you try to use the trick of dereferencing and immediately borrowing &*thing.

Does anyone know why this doesn't currently work?

pub trait Trait {}

fn uses_trait(t: &Trait) {}

struct Foo;
impl Trait for Foo {}

fn main() {
    let trait_objects: Vec<Box<Trait>> = vec![Box::new(Foo)];

    uses_trait(&trait_objects[0]);  // Error: the trait `Trait` is not implemented for `std::boxed::Box<Trait>`
    for t in &trait_objects {
        uses_trait(&*t);  // the deref-reref pattern doesn't work here either

I suspect that the unsized coercion from &Box<Trait> to &Trait (which would be possible if Box<Trait>: Trait) took precedence over the deref coercion from &Box<Trait> to &Trait (which is possible because Box<Trait>: Deref<Target=Trait>) here. Since the resolution of the trait bound Box<Trait>: Trait, which is required by the unsized coercion, is delayed, the deref coercion isn't even considered, perhaps.

Looking into coercion algorithm in the compiler, unsized coercion is tried before deref coercion.


This works as expected:

    for t in &trait_objects {
        uses_trait(&**t);  // the deref-reref pattern doesn't work here either

** is required to go from &Box<T> to Box<T> to T.

But I'm surprised I can't deref trait_objects[0] with *. Explicit call does work :open_mouth:

use std::ops::Deref;

OK, this works:


That's a new crying smiley I haven't seen yet: &**&

You don't need that, Index already derefs once: &*trait_objects[0] works.


*& is always redundant, since it invokes the (uninteresting) Deref of &T.

Ah, you're right. I misread the error messages.

I had a feeling &**t would work, but I feel like the whole point of deref coersion was to make sure we don't get the C problem of "adding more *'s until it compiles".

Is the coercion order specified in an RFC anywhere? It's an edge case of an edge case, but I feel like coercion order should be defined somewhere other than in the guts of the compiler.

Deref coercion not working for Box<Trait> #22194