Fractalide - Simple Rust Microservices


Fractalide is a Rust programming platform that makes it more simple to reason about efficient microservices.

The Nix Expression language provides a language compatible with a [Continuous Integration - Hydra] ( and Code Deployment - Nixops and when combined with Flowscript, Fractalide’s own actor oriented dataflow language, the two languages become a glue language that declaratively describes your microservice architecture and weaves it together then deploys it.

Soon we’ll be stabilizing at 1.0, but it’s suitable to take it for a spin, especially with the new net_http module

Please give feedback!


I found that very cool until I read the contribution rules, especially:

We will usually merge patches aggressively, without a blocking
review. If you send us bad patches, without taking the care to read and
understand our rules, that reflects on you. Do NOT expect us to do your
homework for you.

I understand you want quality and goal-specific contributions, but this actively puts the burden of learning the philosophy behind your projects to the committer, who might have be a beginner both in Rust and your project.

Also, I feel that this explicitly puts the burden of maintenance and project steering to the committer.

Especially as you don’t want the project to be a sandbox, arguing about fundamental changes and maybe not merging them is a great way to avoid problems.


Yes this is C4 it’s widely accepted and used on very successful projects, it was created by the late Pieter Hintjens and empowers the community to quickly and effectively find and solve real world problems. Besides, Conway’s law: your code base will look like your organization structure; C4 is the most robust structure that’ll accurately map to something like microservices.


C4 does not mention this process the slightest, it only mentions “rapid merging”, and explicitly mentions discussion and review. This paragraph does misrepresent C4 in my opinion.


Maybe it does: have a look here: this is where I got it from. Do you have any suggestions on how to phrase it, or just remove it?


I’ll happily send you a proposal later, but it might take me some time (I’m currently traveling). :slight_smile:


Yes indeed, I would like that!


@skade I followed your advice and removed that sentence. It’s probably better and less condescending. Thanks!