flate2::GzEncoder does not compress data, because of a typo

I wanted to post a question but suddenly found the reason of the bug. So here's the post anyway, in case someone runs into this too.

Task: create a gz file and write compressed data into it. I used fs::File, io::Writer and GzEncoder from flate2. The code worked correctly without problems, but the file contained raw text, not binary bytes of gzip.

I googled, found other topics, tried wrapping GzEncoder with BufWriter, but it changed nothing.

I have the answer what was wrong, but try to guess it yourself -- the answer is hidden below the code.

use csv::Writer;
use std::{fs::File, io::BufWriter};
use flate2::{read::{GzDecoder, GzEncoder}, Compression};
use serde::{Deserialize, Serialize};

let ds = vec![
    (1, 2, 3),
    (4, 5, 6),
    (7, 8, 9),
let zip = BufWriter::with_capacity(128 * 1024, GzEncoder::new(File::create("my_file.csv.gz")?, Compression::new(5)));
let mut wr = Writer::from_writer(zip);
wr.serialize(("a", "b", "c"))?;
for row in ds.iter() {

The offender was this import:

use flate2::{read::{GzDecoder, GzEncoder}, Compression};

Instead, it should have been

use flate2::{read::GzDecoder, write::GzEncoder, Compression};

Turned out that in flate2, there's more than one GzEncoder -- there's another one for reading files, but it also implements Write trait for pushing into it. And there's one more GzEncoder in bufread module.


By the way, here are three better ways to write this:

// dereference the reference to tuple
for &row in ds.iter() { 

// if the row contained `String`s or other non-`Copy` types
for row in ds.iter().cloned() { 

// to avoid cloning entirely, if `ds` is not needed further
for row in ds.into_iter() {

Correct. The tuple was just a remainder from the real code that had more fields.

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