Fixing "mismatched types" usability in Vim

It used to be that whole "mismatched types" error message was one line. It was broken up into pieces some while ago, and since then it's painful to work with it in Vim, as the editor will not show the message, only the first line.

Can anything can be done about it?

I checked vim usability with multi-line errors before merging and it seemed to work perfectly. Perhaps something has changed since but I haven't noticed because I don't habitually use vim...

Are you referring to some other issue than what I checked?

:cn and :cp work for me just fine, it's just I don't see full error message like I used to, :cc shows just the first line. So is the solution to use :cw to get a full error? I never used it in my workflow before.

I use GitHub - wting/rust.vim: Vim support for Rust file detection and syntax highlighting. in pathogen BTW. I was wondering if it is being kept up to date.

I'm not sure. The official plugin version seems different from wting's though I don't know the difference. I could check :cc but I'm not that familiar with it at all.

@tomjakubowski Do you know anything about this?

OK. I think I know what is the issue. This repo is not updated anymore.

Unfortunately, this was not the case. I've switched to official repo and the problem persists.

Well, I would try :cw because it seems to work. A quick look at vim documentation doesn't clarify to me how this :cc command deals with multi-line messages though it says it handles them.

@chris-morgan You work on the vim plugin. Is this easily fixable? Are you familiar with this problem?