Error during uploading crate on

Updating index

error: corrupted loose reference file: refs/heads/master; class=Reference (4)

Why does it mean? how to know this error?

Hello, I'm pretty new to Rust but I would like to share these links with you:

Looks like some git repository which cargo depends on has been corrupted.

If you run a simpler command, like cargo update, does the same error occur?

If so, then it's probably a corrupted registry (similar to this cargo issue). If this is the case, then the best solution is to delete the .cargo/registry/index folder.

This could also be an intermittent error, caused by a network error. Does it still error if you run the same command again?

Probably a registry update has been interrupted at an unfortunate moment. Run:

rm -rf ~/.cargo/registry/index/
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