Error: could not compile polars-core (lib)

Hi Rust Community.
I'm trying to compile polars-core (lib) which is needed for qsv but it always fails.
Unfortunately, I couldn't find any interesting log during compile process.
The package is bound to polars-core 0.34.2 and I'm using rustc 1.74 (gcc 12.1) on raspberry pi (ARMv8).
It seems that others on x86 have the same kind of issues.
I've also tryied the new version of the package that brings polars-core 0.34.5 but I still got errors.
My question is:
how can I try to compile it alone to check for errors ? and how to "increase" verbosity ?

IMO cargo build gives you an error message that is good enough to find the source of a miscompilation most of the time. If I had to guess, probably there's some issue with a native library, probably arrow. cargo build has the --verbose flag if you want to try to increase the verbosity of its output. It can be passed twice for very verbose output.

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