Dwarf, debug format


Hi All. Let me introduce myself. My name is Peter, from Hong Kong. I am an open source developer of some projects https://sourceforge.net/u/mcheung63/profile/ https://github.com/mcheung63

I am good at low level programming and dwarf debug format, I have written a java library to parse dwarf directly, this prove my skill set is not bad.

I don’t know there is room for me to contribute on this part (debug format) for Rust. Dwarf has some weak points. If Rust can use a new debug format, it would be interesting and I would love to contribute it.

from Peter


Hi. Current Rust implementation uses LLVM, and in particular uses LLVM’s support for source level debugging. rustc does not write DWARF directly. Relevant source code is here.

There are many debugging related bugs under A-debuginfo label. Rust got DWARF language tag assigned, but currently is not using it.

I think it would be great if someone could work on GDB or LLDB so that they can support evaluation of Rust expressions for example. Basic support could be done with no change to debug information rustc currently emits.


To echo @sanxyin the highest-impact project is probably teaching either GDB or LLDB directly about Rust DWARF so that we don’t have to pretend to be C and pretty-print GDB’s C output back into something that looks like Rust.


If i want to do this part, where i can start from? Get into the team? Talk to somebody first? please advice.


Probably should talk to @michaelwoerister (mw on IRC) or perhaps someone from the tooling team


Thanks Manishearth. I will contact them.