Does VSCode support cargo-make?

So I currently don't use VSCode (I know, I know, that's blasphemous and the world will end). :smiley: I'm just not used to it but am thinking of trying it again. My project uses cargo-make though, and I don't want rust-analyzer building my code for my host system (which wouldn't work anyway). Does rust-analyzer support cargo-make, or is there a way to make it do so just like it does the host OS?

Currently i'm not aware of any vscode specific integration to cargo-make.
However, cargo-make does use standard toml files and vscode does have a way to run custom tasks (you define the command, so you can run cargo make tasks). so hopefully that should be enough.

for vim (i use nvim) there is a plugin which improves the toml syntax coloring by also supporting the script blocks native syntax:

as for rust analyzer, i might be wrong here, but i think it runs something similar to cargo check command, and not some complex build process that can take time and slow you down.

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