Does rust-lang offer jobs?

If so, how can someone prepare and then apply for a developer position at the organisation?

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What organization?

I'm really new to programming and was just wondering if there is an organisation behind rust-lang(like google is behind flutter), and if the org offers any developer roles. Or is rust completely open source, with absolutely everything built by the community?

I have only recently started rust, and the experience has been really good uptill now. Would love to work on rust in the future.

PS: I know I can contribute as it's open source, and I definitely will try to once I have a good enough grasp on it.

The Rust language itself doesn't offer jobs and is volunteer driven. There's something called the Rust foundation which holds stuff like trademarks related to Rust. I think it might have one or two positions related to its Board of Directors, but it's not really a normal company and doesn't hire developers.

It's possible that the Rust foundation might decide to, in the future, pay some of the people currently doing volunteer work on Rust itself, but I doubt that it would be comparable to applying to a job at, say, Google.

Originally, someone from Mozilla was behind Rust and you could certainly apply for a job there, but Rust isn't part of Mozilla today like it was back then. (Mozilla is still part of the Rust foundation though.)

(To be clear, I'm not affiliated with the Rust foundation and don't know what they actually plan to do in the future.)


Also, the fact that rust is open-source and the Rust foundation does not hire developers does not imply that everyone involved in the rust community do what they do in their spare time. Lots of companies is interested in the Rust project and either sponsors developers to work on specific features or allows employees to spend company time on the rust project.

Those companies range from self-emplyed consultants to the biggest corporations, like microsoft and amazon.

Some of the companies involved in the rust foundation has been introduced in the rust foundation blog, an more is to come.


The Rust Foundation has announced they're going to be awarding Community Grants to support people working on Rust, but details haven't been announced yet. Best way to prepare would be to work towards making open source contributions and figuring out which part of Rust you want to work on!


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