Documentation pop-up on autocomplete in neovim

Hey :), I am using neovim with rust analyzer as my LSP for rust programming. It works nicely aside from one feature that I am trying hard to disable without avail :frowning: When I try to autocomplete using neovim's default keys " + "; as expected, it opens the suggestions dropdown. However, it also creates a new pane and opens the documentation for the function it is suggesting.

I guess this is nice to have but it gets annoying very quickly on small screens where the documentation eats half of the screen already.

I tried disabling many of the configurations that I found in the documentation but none of them did the trick

analyzer.hover.documentation.enable = false
rust-analyzer.hover.actions.enable = false
rust-analyzer.completion.fullFunctionSignatures.enable = false

but none of them did the trick. I also searched online but couldn't find an answer. For a moment, I thought this may not be rust-analyzer specific problem but my gopls lsp and ts lsp donot exhibit this behavior.

Any idea how to disable this?