Do you have a “build script” ( Use rerun-if-changed by default

This should be in your by default (unless you need something else, depend on other files).


See docs, which talks about the behaviour if you don't use this:

Normally build scripts are re-run if any file inside the crate root changes.

My emphasis. Without it you get more nonsensical rebuilds of the whole project.


You know, I think this falls squarely into "obscure stuff you need to somehow know to not get correct-but-rubbish behaviour" territory.

Perhaps Cargo could learn to accept rerun-if-changed=* for the current behaviour, and warn when you directly build (i.e. not as a dependency) any package which both has a build script and doesn't specify at least one rerun-if-changed line.

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Yes, but there is a reason of course: backwards compatibility. Your solution with a warning is good. Either way, we need to get this info out, so that it's being added everywhere.

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