Disable Multiple lints globally


I want to disable multiple lints globally i.e. cargo clippy – -A clippy::lint_name1, lint_name2, lint_name3, lint_name4, lint_name5 … is it possible. If not then how could I do that. to check my own project with clippy


At the beginning of you lib.rs or main.rs file:


Although untested, I guess clippy lints should work too when prefixing the lint names with clippy:: :


thanks Yandros, but if i don’t want to change my source code (of my project), then is there any other way…


As far as I read the documentation, you’ll either need to change your sources or create a script which contains all the lints you want to disable in the cargo clippy command:



I have following error when made changes as per your directions.
error: an inner attribute is not permitted in this context --> src/main.rs:22:3 | 22 | #![allow( | ^ | = note: inner attributes, like #![no_std], annotate the item enclosing them, and are usually found at the beginning of source files. Outer attributes, like #[test], annotate the item following them. warning: unknown lint: cast_ref_to_mut --> src/main.rs:23:3 | 23 | cast_ref_to_mut, | ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ | = note: #[warn(unknown_lints)] on by default


sorry , i placed your code before main that’s why it gives error… however when I placed it in the beginning of my file (main.rs) then there is no error during cargo clippy. BUT… still not successful to disable my llints…


Just a shot in the dark but have you tried to reload your editor?

  • Tested on the Playground (you can run clippy on the top right)
  • hmm, you pretty much answered yourself at the beginning, that’s why I didn’t suggest that:

    cargo clippy -- -A clippy::trivially_copy_pass_by_ref -A clippy::unreadable_literal

    or, with a Unix shell

    RUSTFLAGS="-A clippy::trivially_copy_pass_by_ref -A clippy::unreadable_literal" cargo clippy

    This means you can just run cargo clippy after having run:

    • On a Unix shell:

      export RUSTFLAGS="-A clippy::trivially_copy_pass_by_ref -A clippy::unreadable_literal"
    • On Windows cmd.exe, it should be something like:

      set RUSTFLAGS="-A clippy::trivially_copy_pass_by_ref -A clippy::unreadable_literal"
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thanks a lot … cargo clippy – -A clippy::trivially_copy_pass_by_ref -A clippy::unreadable_literal
it works for me …


I know you said you don’t want to change your source code, but encoding the list of lints you do / don’t expect to be used in the source files ensures that anyone else who runs clippy on your code gets the right results. (And saves you a lot of typing.)


yes i know … But i am not developing my project. I just want to test someone else project. However, I did changed src/main.rs file with following code in start of main.rs file
)]… it should be good but not working for me… I am not sure why…