Dereference raw pointer - unsafe code

I thought that to use raw pointer we must use unsafe keyword.
However this code allows dereference raw pointer without unsafe keyword:

q: why can you dereference raw pointer without unsafe code?
fn main(){
     let foo: u8 = 123;
    // get a reference to the value
    let foo_ref = &foo;
    // convert the reference to a raw pointer
    let foo_raw_ptr = foo_ref as *const u8;
    // convert the raw pointer to an integer
    let foo_addr = foo_raw_ptr as usize;

    println!("'foo' address = {:X}", foo_addr);

This code doesn't ever dereference the pointer, i.e. read from the memory location that the pointer refers to. Instead, it just prints where that memory location is.


That is because an usize does not hurt anyone. You can't do harm with a number. The unsafe part starts when you start turning that back into a pointer you can access memory with.

By the way, you can print the address of a pointer like this without going through usize:

println!("'foo' address = {:p}", foo_ref as *const u8):

This likewise does not dereference the pointer.

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