CXX is not finding my conan installed library?

I am attempting to use CXX and Conan-RS GitHub - Devolutions/conan-rs: A Rust wrapper of the conan C/C++ package manager ( to simplify usage in build scripts to start migrating away from C++.. while still installing a third party library that is required to talk with a remote server.




pragma once

#include "EWrapper.h"                <------- From the 3rd party conan lib
#include "EReaderOSSignal.h"
#include "EReader.h"

I attempt to build just a simple call to a object in the library but get the following.

* MyApi_helloworld@0.1.1: 
crate/myapi_helloworld/include/TestCppClient.h:6:10: fatal error: EWrapper.h:
No such file or directory

I understand that I need to check that my library actually got installed in the build output.. and indeed I can see not just the library but also the include lines

Build Output showing conan got linked

[myapi_helloworld 0.1.1] cargo:rustc-link-search=native=/home/emcp/.conan/data/myapi/10.25.01/stonks/prod/package/2a448472971d7718b4207a1ee198ae4f78f2995d/lib
[myapi_helloworld 0.1.1] cargo:rustc-link-lib=myapi

I added a line that hardcoded the needed include path


my concern is the EWrapper.h is definitely somewhere in the conan installed area.. I've hard coded it now to and yet still getting this Fatal Error..

Do I need to modify the path to

#include "some/path/conan/include/EWrapper.h"


EDIT: Hard coding now working..

but this must have more elegant solution

fn main() {
    let include_path = "/home/emcp/.conan/data/myapi/10.25.01/stonks/prod/package/2a448472971d7718b4207a1ee198ae4f78f2995d/include";

    cxx_build::bridge("src/")  // path to your bridge file
        .file("src/")          // your C++ implementation file
        .include(include_path)        // add the include path
        .flag_if_supported("-std=c++11") // any necessary C++ compiler flags
        .compile("twsapi-bridge");    // name for the generated library


I am very confused.. I got the PathBuf with the same exact string and it's NOT able to find my .h file.. ONLY when I pass it in with a str like above.. does it work and compile without error.. I guess i can live with it but any ideas why this is not accepting vectors of PathBuf ?

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