Creating a gist of the rust lang book

Hey gang! Rust Newbie here, and rust is my first low level language. Am currently going through the book and got roughly 10 chapters down. While am at it, am writing a gist of what I learned. The idea is to have a gist of the book in the form of slides. So, am following the same chapter wise breakdown in the gist as well!

If you are also new to rust and going through the book. Please hop in and validate the existing gist or add gist for the new chapters. If you are a pro Rustacean please correct the existing gist and provide inputs.

You can access the slides here…
and the source here…

This is inspired by @ag_dubs and @steveklabnik

For those who are wondering, how it can be helpful for the community. I can see two use cases, for beginners, who have already gone through the book, it serves as a reference. For pro users this will server as a set of slides to start with, if they want to take a workshop on teaching rust using the book.

Let me know your thoughts! Any feedback is really appreciated :smile:


Great resource … I just read through your slides and learnt and revised a tonne. Keep up the good work (y)

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Oh this is really, really awesome!

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Thanks! @alinaqvi90 Am happy that you found it useful! :slight_smile:

@steveklabnik Wow! Am super glad you liked it :smile:

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