Crate of the Week


num_format - A Rust crate for producing string-representations of numbers, formatted according to international standards.


TMQ - Rust ZeroMQ bindings for Tokio.
Introduction post.


ieee802154 - Rust implementation of the IEEE 802.15.4 standard.


I can’t believe this crate has never been cited nor is used much more : cargo-readme.
It allows you to, I cite from its README :

Generate from doc comments.
[It] extracts documentation from your crate’s doc comments that you can use to populate your


swc - Super-fast JavaScript to JavaScript compiler written in Rust.


shellfn: Rust proc macro for easily and safely use shell scripts in rust


Makes sense as the readme feels a bit duplicated. Although in my crate I currently have the set as a generic thing. I also seen some crates using it for release notes.


mpmc-scheduler round-robin mpmc work scheduler


Inert of course. :clown_face:


Battery, a cross-plattform library to retrieve battery information.


multi_try: safely combine Results – ergonomically return multiple errors from validation.


psd - A Rust API for parsing and working with PSD files.


swym - efficient transactional memory in Rust.


prettier assertions

looks interesting


@mark-i-m: Yes it’s really nice but has already been crate of the week in issue 175:


validator: simple validation for Rust structs inspired by marshmallow and Django validators


ncollide is a 2 and 3-dimensional collision detection library.
This is from the wonderful rustsim package.


slice-group-by a crate that provide an efficient way to iterate over groups in str and slices. Useful to create tokenizers.


copyless - library that helps putting values into Box or Vec without memcpy instructions generated by the compiler.


cargo-call-stack: Whole program static stack analysis