Crate of the Week


A CLI tool for keeping your target directory clean of old build files without affecting build performance


Hi! I would like to propose lsd, a rewrite of colorls.

It’s an ls command with some cool features like the icons, the tree format or the based on the files metadata (if it’s a big file / old file/ etc).


YaSerDe an improved XML parser/writer (with full features).
It’s compatible with SerDe to convert models into other formats.


Sandspiel, a falling sand game built in Rust+WebGL. It’s not a crate but it’s worth showcasing.


Dose Response - A roguelike game written in Rust.


Really funny !


gfx-hal - Hardware abstraction layer for gfx-rs.


Ropey - an editable text buffer for Rust.


OpenMoonstone - Open source reimplementation of Moonstone: A Hard Day’s Knight.


This looks interesting:


“Serde trait objects the way you wish they worked”:


“Easy way to log function outputs, even when they contain the ? operator” log-derive


“A system handler to interact with processes.” sysinfo


Zero-cost declarative DOM library:


num_format - A Rust crate for producing string-representations of numbers, formatted according to international standards.


TMQ - Rust ZeroMQ bindings for Tokio.
Introduction post.


ieee802154 - Rust implementation of the IEEE 802.15.4 standard.


I can’t believe this crate has never been cited nor is used much more : cargo-readme.
It allows you to, I cite from its README :

Generate from doc comments.
[It] extracts documentation from your crate’s doc comments that you can use to populate your


swc - Super-fast JavaScript to JavaScript compiler written in Rust.


shellfn: Rust proc macro for easily and safely use shell scripts in rust