Crate of the Week

I'd like to self-nominate lngcnv which is a command-line linguistic tool. After 6 months of work, today, I released v1.6.0. The source code has been almost completely rewritten but the program is fully backwards compatible with v1.5.1 and earlier versions released earlier this year.

lngcnv (1) displays the exact phonetic (not just phonemic) pronunciation of a phrase in the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), (2) translates between different (e.g., dialectal) varieties of a language, and (3) converts between different (e.g., regional) norms of orthography.

A word or some piece of text can be provided either (a) as an argument directly from the command line or (b) in a file, such as a hundreds of pages long book. [(c) a REPL mode is planned for v1.7.0 ]

Six modern and ancient languages are currently supported, often including several dialects:

  • English

  • Latin

  • Polish (three dialects)

  • Quechua

  • Spanish (five dialects)

  • Tikuna (five dialects)

This includes two languages spoken by Native Americans, which I'm studying, one from the Amazon basin and one from the Andes. :innocent: