Crate of the Week

I’d like to nominate atom_syndication (‘Library for serializing the Atom web content syndication format.’).

I'd like to nominate TicKV (Tiny Circular Key Value). It's a small file system allowing key value pairs to be stored in Flash Memory. It doesn't require any dependencies and works with no_std

It's designed to allow embedded Rust applications to store data in flash, while maintaining loss resilience, wear leveling and a low memory and storage overhead. It even allows the tests to be run on your host machine, so it can be developed locally, which is pretty cool!


I nominate cap-std, a version of standard library designed to support capability-based security. Currently it seems to be mostly focused on file system access.


I'd like to self-nominate coprosize, which has just reached v1.0.0. It's just a tool for the study of dino dung :poop: but this is the only computer program of this kind in any programming language. :crab:


I like to nominate bevy_reflect - especially for its TypeUuid that also supports generics and helps a lot building runtime composable structures! (Note that generic supporting TypeUuid is currently unreleased AFAICS)

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Shame: A shader EDSL for writing render and compute pipelines in rust.


dacquiri - Rust just stumbled upon this and it looks super interesting


I'd like to self-nominate my newly published crate bnum. It provides arbitrary, fixed size signed and unsigned integer types that extend the functionality of Rust's primitive integers, using const generics.


I’d like to self-nominate cismute, which provides specialization-like hack on stable Rust.


Cool!, I'm your first :star2: :slight_smile:

I'd like to self nominate thunderStorm - A crate for scaffolding Node.js backend applications

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I'll need to take a closer look at your crate but it looks amazing! Nice video documentation--in future, I'll possibly think of a similar solution for my crates.

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I apologize to Goldstein and to the thread for this, but, since I can't take back my "like" of cismute and thus am in the position of permanently being listed as "liking" it, I feel obliged to state that I now question the soundness of that crate and would not have "liked" it had I looked at its source code first. I apologize to Goldstein for being negative about their crate, and I apologize to the thread for being off-topic.

I think I'll also try to stop "liking" posts now that I've learned that it becomes permanent.

I believe I’ve addressed the soundness concern in reply to your issue. In sum, the same concern applies to the standard library, http and any dependent crates like hyper, actix-web or reqwest, and also any other crates that use Any::downcast_{ref,mut}(). Considering this and the fact that it’s unlikely to be a real issue, I think it’s safe to use the crate.

Of course, you have every right to have this concern and to like/unlike the crate because of it.

Thank you :relaxed:

I'd like to self-nominate cargo-semver-checks — a CI-friendly cargo test for preventing semver violations in your crate's API. Only ~a week old, and one of my first "real" crates!


I propose cargo-semver-checks - Scan your Rust crate for semver violations.


Great timing! Your post appeared on my screen not even a second after I submitted mine. Thanks for the nomination :blush:

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I'd like to self-nominate quickenv, an alternative implementation of the direnv environment manager that doesn't hook into the user's shell and favors speed over convenience.

See also the thread for discussion.

Hm, this does not appear to have been released anywhere (not on but apparently also neither on GitHub). Also the repository is only a few days old?