Confusing error message


I get an error message that I don't quite understand here (playground):

struct Foo {
    bar: Option<String>

impl Foo {
     fn clear(&mut self) {
        if let Some(ref mut bar) = {

The error is:

error[E0614]: type `()` cannot be dereferenced
 --> src/
8 |             *bar.clear();
  |             ^^^^^^^^^^^^

I don't understand why I can't dereference if I'm taking a reference, and I also don't understand why the type is () in the error message. If I remove the dereference and write just bar.clear() instead of *bar.clear() everything works fine but I don't know why.

Because you are deref'ing the result of bar.clear, which is ().

Try this instead:

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Pff I see, thanks :slight_smile:

Method calls will automatically dereference the expression before the . if necessary, so you don't need to use the * operator here. Instead, you can simply write:


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