Clippy Roadmap for 2021

Clippy is publishing a roadmap of its own this year and we would like to get some feedback from the community before merging it. It can be found here.

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Currently when cargo clippy is run after cargo check, it does not produce any output.

Well, that explains why it never complained about my code. I used to run

$ cargo fmt && cargo check && cargo clippy && git add -A && git commit --no-edit --allow-empty-message

and eventually removed the clippy command, because it never told me, that something could be improved. I concluded, I already designed my code well enough for clippy to not complain. I'll have to re-review my projects. :neutral_face:

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Fortunately this is expected to be fixed soon after this PR to cargo passes the FCP.


Fantastic, I'd love to reintegrate clippy into my workflow.

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