Client side storage options

I am working on writing a web app in Rust using sycamore. I would like it to be entirely client-side; no server or even internet connection necessary. I need to store some data and it needs to be persistent; more than just app preferences etc. Indexeddb could be an option, but the only crates I found did not seem to very active and were poorly documented. LocalStorage could also work, but it seems that Safari will clear it if the app is not used frequently enough (also I think most browsers will delete it when the user clears cookies. I would rather have something harder to accidentally delete).

Are there any better options or crates that I have missed, or will I just need to either have a server or write a native application?

AFAIK, you have bindings for the IndexedDB API in web_sys.

Ok, I see that now. That might be what I need.

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