Hi there. Another noob question:
why this code:

use std::char;
fn main()
let c1 = char::from_digit(97, 10);
match c1 {
Some(x) => println!("{}", x),
None => (println!(“Wrong way…”)),

takes the wrong way?



I think you misunderstand what char::from_digit does. from_digit(a, b) converts a to a digit in base b, e.g. from_digit(1, 10) will give you '1' , from_digit(10, 16) returns 'a' and so on. You seem to be trying to convert an ascii code to its corresponding character. char::from_u32 is probably the function you are looking for.


Ah, ok… i only read
Converts a number to the character representing it
but the following is more important
if num represents one digit under radix