Can you recommend a group for sql/postgres questions?

I know this isn't rust specific, but I really love this forum(!!!) and would like to find something as friendly! The group is so focused on building up and helping, not gatekeeping. (I really hope that I can be as helpful and engaged when I feel competent enough to be useful!!)

That said, can anyone recommend a group as useful for beginner postgresql questions?
**I am using sqlx, but the errors I am running into are from the database and not the language or library. For example right now I can't figure out why a join on username query works, but just selecting on the username doesn't and I don't feel comfortable asking in db/postgresql groups I've experienced before.

I have tried a couple of other groups on reddit and places, but they have had a decidedly stackoverflow type vibe with toxic users/gatekeepers. I refuse to partake in communities like that. I genuinely do try to search questions before asking, but sometimes I miss something simple or just don't know something I should already know and being slapped for something you don't know you don't know is kinda rough and feels toxic.

I have some experience with PostgreSQL, feel free to send me a direct message. Not sure how much time I will have though.

I don't know of any PostgreSQL forum. The only thing I know of are the PostgreSQL mailing lists.

Of interest could be these lists:

  • pgsql-general ("General discussion area for users.")
  • pgsql-novice ("No question is too simple for this list.")
  • pgsql-sql ("Discussion for users on SQL related matters.")

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