Can I write rust applications on my NVIDIA TX2 running Ubuntu14LTS?

The TX2 has a quad arm core processor which runs Ubuntu 14 LTS. I was hoping I could still write Rust applications just as easy as I'm doing now on my Linux laptop. Are there any different steps I must do to setup a Rust development environment on this platform? Here is a link to the TX2 specs

I have not see much forum talk in regards to doing this and wanted feedback from here versus the nividia forums first. My concern was the ARM architecture and how complex of configuration work it would require from me in setting this all up.

There are prebuild rustup binaries for arm/aarch64, so should be no problems with installation of rust toolchain to nvidia board.

Also you can continue developing on Linux desktop, and use --target=X for crosscompilation and something like ssh for deploying and debugging, plus there is option runner in ~/.cargo/config using which you can run cargo test --target=X on your linux desktop and cargo automatically deploying and running tests on you nvidia board.


That is very comforting to know. On Windows/Linux you just run the curl script to install and then rustup to switch between builds is my understanding. So can I still use the curl script to install and from there I would essentially use rustup to switch to the arm/aarch64 release? Is there an example on this process of install prebuilt binaries?

If prebuilt binary exists, it should be enought to do the same procedure as you do on ordinary Linux box (curl something | sh)

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