Can I build a wasm NPM module with Rust and Emscripten?

Rust's wasm tooling seems to either confine you entirely to Rust while offering some solid packaging possibilities, or lets you interop with Emscripten while abandoning those same opportunities. Is that a correct summary of the state of things?

Right now I'm trying to use Spatialite, a C-based SQLite extension that offers geospatial capabilities, in a Rust-based project. I'd like this project to run in a variety of form factors, and am starting to think that a wasm-based NPM package may be the way to go. Essentially, I need to make it easy to run my higher-level Rust interface, which in turn needs Spatialite, which in turn needs a whole pile of its own dependencies. Currently I have everything compiling to a single wasm binary, including a Yew-based UI, but it increasingly looks like the browser may not be the best execution environment for this project.

Is there any way to use wasm-pack, or some other existing tooling, to build my package with Emscripten and package it for NPM? When I asked about this a while back, wasm-pack and friends were exclusively for wasm32-unknown-unknown.

Alternatively, can I build my lower-level interface library into one wasm library with Emscripten, then somehow link that wasm library to a wrapper that is only compiled with wasm32-unknown-unknown? So the wrapped library would essentially encapsulate all my dependencies and C code, exposing a higher-level interface to those, and the second Rust library would expose an interface to JS while calling the wasm32-unknown-emscripten library?

Thanks for any help.