Build external helper for Squid

I’m building an external helper for Squid to get the categorization of each website requested, I I know how to build it, but I need your option about the best language for the job in terms of performance, bottlenecks, I/O blocking..

This is how the helper will work:

  1. will check the hot memory for faster response (memcache or redis)
  2. If the result not exist in hot memory then will check a list of arrays and perform regex operations to try find the category (this operations is just for common domains, such google, facebook, ..)
  3. If the result not exist in the arrays then will check an external api to fetch the categorie and saved it in hot memory.
  4. In some case may need to read internal files with small tokens with 0 or 1

The program will run in concurrent mode as defined on squid.conf, example:

url_rewrite_children 20 startup=1 idle=1 concurrency=10000

So, based on how the helper will run what language do you recommend develop such helper? Rust, Go, Python...

Best regards

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