Broption - for when you need more bro's in your ption's

how is this for most egregious use of unsafe in 2023? broption - Rust

Panic in drop is generally regarded as a very bad idea. See and Don't allow unwinding from Drop impls by Amanieu · Pull Request #3288 · rust-lang/rfcs · GitHub

Not particularly relevant here since the type is never meaningfully exposed to the user in any way that matters. (It's only ever exposed as a &mut, but there's no way to take it out. take_mut doesn't count because that aborts on unwind or if the &mut is empty or whatnot.)

Unlike catch_unwind this avoids us from needing to handle panic-on-drop ourselves. Instead, the runtime does it for us. But yes, arguably there's a better way of doing it that still maintains the semantics necessary for soundness.

We suppose panic-on-drop is more strict than what we need for soundness, since the only way to get at the 'static is to have it returned.

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