Blog: Profiling Rust Applications on Linux

I've set up another Post, this time about profiling. This is basically trying out callgrind and oprofile on a benchmarksgame sample on Linux.

Hopefully this information can be useful to someone. Oh, and if anyone has an idea how to fix the callgrind_annotate output, I'll be glad to hear it.


Nice. Wish I'd had this a few weeks ago.

That said, you might want to change the title to "Profiling Rust Applications on Linux", so as not to get anyone's (mine) hopes up, only to cruelly dash them upon the jagged rocks of "nothing on Windows is both free and supports DWARF".

(Aside: "set up another Post", as though creating an article is less writing than it is assembling the raw components, like constructing a building from slabs of rock, hewn from the earth. :P)

Thanks, I've changed the title.

And in this case, it very much felt like "setting up", because many of the "raw components" of the post were copied from my terminal session, and the writing is just glue to hold it together. :smile: