Binary semaphore in Rust?


Do we only have Mutex + Condvar to replicate C++ binary semaphores ?

I am interested in performance for a database implementation that is currently written in C++, and that will run on up to date Linux kernels.

The binary semaphore is inside a struct in C++, if that matters.


There's no such functionality in std.

Not quite a semaphore, but the the atomic-wait crate provides a futex API where you can wait/wake on just an AtomicU32 rather than a mutex/condvar.

semka seems to probably be the best bet for using the platform semaphore. I found this via a search on, which has a ranking algorithm that makes me feel relatively okay picking this one over the various other many-year-old options.

If you're using async, there's a bunch of async semaphores available, e.g. from async_lock (smol/async-std) or from Tokio.


Thanks CAD97,

It would be nice for Tokio to also have the non async version of their code for such features.
Because it really seems trustworthy enough to be relied on, on the long run.
We have structures that doesn't need async because everything fits in memory and we need max throughput.

Async would make us lose performance here.

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