Best (Linux) laptop for compiling Rust all day long

I need to get a new laptop and it will be mostly used for compiling Rust (yay!). I'll run Linux on it so Macs are out of scope.

I thought maybe someone already did all these comparisons and benchmarking. I wonder if AMD-cpu laptops are doing better than Intel's nowadays.

Edit: Budget: $1500 - $2500


Might be helpful to state (1) budget and (2) why you are going with laptop instead of used datacenter server if Rust compilation is #1 priority.

Added budget to the original post.

Remote machine considerations are out of scope RN (but a good point).

Sorry to press this point further -- with that budget, I think you can get used servers with quad-Xeon 72-core 144-thread server with 512 GB of RAM. (a little noisy)

My current setup is only 1/4th as powerful as that -- but IntelliJ Ultimate runs snappy (no UI lag), I have two cargo watch recompiles running at all time, and a 20GB ramdisk for cargo build.

I know. I do have a decently-speced desktop already that I ssh to and work on. But in a lot of cases it's easier (or the only option) to work locally (on the move, network issues, conferences, etc.) If I'm getting a laptop might as well get one that can compile. :slight_smile:

You could take a look at Dell or Lenovo "pro" lineups. Those are a bit clunky design wise, but very performant. If you want something physically prettier, I really like the Dell XPS (I have one). Or you could take a look at the M2 Apple laptops, though I think some debugging utilities don't work yet on non-intel CPU architectures.

The important bit is to get a laptop with a good CPU (the more cores the better) and a NVMe SSD. And good amount of RAM will be helpful considering how much the language server likes to consume. Personally I've gone with 32GB on my laptop and 64 on my desktop (frankly overkill, but I also game on that machine and I fear the ever expanding requirements).

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I would highly recommend taking a look at Tuxedo laptops. It's a German manufacturer that specifically builds and ships laptops optimized for Linux. Once you found a laptop you can customize it to your liking before buying it. Their products are really high quality and will only run hardware that runs properly under Linux.

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