Async-std v0.99.11 released!

The team is back from vacation, and excited to share a new release of async-std! This release introduces the highly anticipated "async channels", which are an async version of crossbeam's channel::bounded implementation -- also designed by @stjepang.

I've been playing around with our channels for the past day or so, and they're surprisingly nice. An example of a channel with capacity(2):

// Create a new channel
let (s, r) = channel(2);

// Send items to the channel

// Receive items from the channel
assert_eq!(r.recv().await, Some(1));
assert_eq!(r.recv().await, Some(2));

If a channel is full, any further send() calls will asynchronously wait to resolve until more capacity becomes available. This works well with future::timeout to prevent channels from waiting indefinitely.

We've also added several new APIs, including Stream::timeout and Future::delay.

Also as of today there are 9 days left until async/await goes stable, and we're hard at work prepping for our 1.0 release. We might try and squeeze in a final preview release before then though. But overall we're really excited for async/await to finally be stable!


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