Are there any ways to change codecs from h264 to mpgv?


I'm looking for a way to change codec of a video from h264 to mpgv. The reason that I want to do it is, to broadcast .ts file in HLS. I succeeded in broadcasting mpgv codec videos, but I failed to broadcast the h264 ones.
So I'm wondering that it'll work with changing codecs from h264 to mpgv. I have googled how to change, but I could not find a solution.

Help me!

Those are screenshots which shows codecs of "able to broadcast" image and "unable to broadcast" image. The upper one is "able", the other is "unable".


that's very limited information and it's therefore hard to give you any help.

Is this about some already existing tool you're using? Then at the very least you should name it, but unless it's open source and Rust this is not the right place to get help with.
Is this about some code you wrote or you are using? Then you should show that code.
Is this about the actual video data you have? Then you will need to re-encode the video.
Is this about how you re-encode data using Rust crates? Then you should say so and maybe someone knows of the right crate to do this.


Sorry for lack of information.

Yes, this is about how I re-encode the video data.

I want to re-encode h264 data to mpegv data. I googled how to do that, but I could not get information about it...

I'm not very familiar with this area, but you might try starting here: gstreamer is a well established tool, and the authors have been working hard on integrating rust with the project, so I suspect support will be good.

As with many adapters to existing projects, you will need to read some documentation that was written for a different language, in this case C, and figure out how to apply it to the rust version.


Thank you!

I'll try it!

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