Anyone Know of a Good CRUD + WASM + Postgresql Tutorial?

I am new to Rust. My goal is to build a small database application with Postgresql and WebAssembly. The features I need incorporated are fairly simple: create, read, update, delete and list in a table. I would also like to add table view pagination, sorting, filtering, and a search function. I am having difficulty finding any tutorials where someone has built an app like this. I always find these example projects good learning tools.

By the way, I have programmed in a number of languages as a hobby (x86 Assember, C, C++, Javescript, and others), and professionally in dBase IV many years ago. I don't consider myself an expert in any of them, though.

Thank you for any tips.

Do you mean you want to compile your application to WebAssembly?

Yes. So the Postgresql database would live in the server, and the client would pickup the WebAssembly application from the server and run it. That way both the frontend and backend would be programmed in Rust.

I just realized I posted this in the wrong section. I will repost in the Tutorials section.

Thank you to all who viewed this.

You don't need to repost, I've just edited the category for this topic.

Thank you for your help. Much appreciated.


I think I might be a bit ahead of my time on this. Rust is pretty new, and frameworks are still in development. Tutorials still need to be written. As a Rust beginner, I don't have the skills to select and put the pieces together to build such an app.

The closest I found was a sample app using Yew. Unfortunately, it uses local storage rather than an SQL database. Also there are no comments in the source code.

Rust CRUD App

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