Any code that I produce using Rust, is it subject to copyright?


If I am programming in Rust, do I have to give my code credits to Rust or something and/or is it subjected to copyright; or do I have full ownership over the code that I produce?


Disclaimer: Extremely not a lawyer…

You retain copyright/ownership over your code, and can license it however you want. As with most languages though, the main thing you have to take into account is the licenses of the third-party code you’re pulling in.

For example, the Rust standard library is dual-licensed under MIT and Apache2, so if your code uses any any of that (which it probably does if it’s a binary) then you will have to follow the terms of one of those licenses. If you chose MIT, you’d basically just have to include in your distribution.

This doesn’t mean that your code has to be MIT/Apache2 licensed, though - you could make your application totally closed-source and proprietary if you wanted, as long as you’re not breaking the license terms of your dependencies.


Maybe one day cargo docs will produce a summary page with links to all the licenses that each of the dependencies brings in. That would be kind of neat, and I guess as all the crates packages have to specify which license they use it should be fairly easy to do…


cargo-license does something similar to this, although it just dumps a list out to the console rather than generating a page :slight_smile:


That’s real nice. Corporates really like that kind of thing. Just need to roll it into cargo docs so its done as standard - it’s important that people know what licenses they’re using.


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Thanks for that :slight_smile: