Another small step to wasm compatibility (actix actors in the browser)


Some work has been going on in the actix universe. Recently the runtime which now uses tokio has been split of in a separate crate actix-rt. I have done some further work and removed all tokio dependencies of actix except tokio-timer, which is innocent.

It was now time to look at what would be involved in creating a wasm compatible runtime for actix. As it turns out, surprisingly little. The only really necessary part of the actix runtime API is Arbiter::spawn, which allows spawning futures. As it turns out wasm-bindgen has local_spawn which converts rust futures to javascript promises and runs them to completion.

So I did a little experiment as a proof of concept. This does not at all ressemble a clean port of the API that could be publicly released, just proof of concept. You can see actix actors playing ping pong in the browser here: