Announcing The Triage WG

The Release team is pleased to announce the triage working group , which will assume responsibility from the release team for triaging issues and pull requests in the rust-lang repositories as well as for diagnosing failures in Crater runs.

Triaging is a high-impact activity that requires a relatively small time commitment. It also does not require reading or writing code. The goal of triage is to prevent issues and pull requests from being ignored by the Rust team or forgotten by the contributors who submit them, and to ensure that everyone involved in the process knows what the next step is in the process toward resolving an issue or merging a pull request. In a large project like Rust, keeping up with community contributions is one of the main difficulties when scaling up development efforts, so the triage WG’s efforts will alleviate a key pain point in Rust’s growth.

If you’re interested in becoming a triage WG member, please leave a message in the #triage-wg channel on the rust-lang Discord

For more information, please see the charter for the new group.


Those interested can also reply here or DM me

\o/ I’m interested!

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I am interested :raising_hand_man:

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