Announcing Sniffnet’s GUI: an application to monitor your network traffic with ease

Sniffnet (GitHub - GyulyVGC/sniffnet: Cross-platform application to monitor your network traffic with ease) is a network analyser (packet sniffer) developed with the aim to let people have a glance into their network traffic without pain, in a simple and clear way: to this purpose, the last release of the application introduces a whole friendly GUI (made with iced).



  • select a network adapter to inspect
  • select filters to apply (currently available: IP version, transport protocol and application protocol)
  • view charts about traffic intensity in real-time (bytes and packets per second, incoming and outgoing)
  • view overall statistics about the filtered traffic
  • view most relevant connections (most recent, most packets, most bytes)
  • view textual report with detailed information on the exchanged packets

In order to reach out as many people as possible, I also created installers for Windows, macOS and Linux, to make it easier to install Sniffnet for those that still doesn't have Rust installed.

If you have any question or consideration, I'll be happy to answer! Also, feel free to open an issue or a discussion on GitHub!


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