Announcing Fornjot 0.7 - code-first CAD in Rust

Version 0.7 of Fornjot has been released!

Fornjot is an early stage project with the goal to create a next-generation code-first CAD application. It is written in Rust, and supports Rust as the language that CAD models are defined in. Fornjot 0.7 is a preview release for everyone who wants to follow the progress of the project. It is not ready for general use yet.

If you are interested in Fornjot and want to follow its progress more closely, you might be interested in the Weekly Dev Log thread.

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know!


Releasing 0.7 on 07.07. is great :slight_smile: Did you do that on purpose?

It's great to see your consistent posts about the progress!

Ha, that's neat! But no, it's a total accident. I would have loved to release on Tuesday already, but it was such a pain to get the changelog and the release announcement done, it took until today until everything was ready :smile:

Glad you appreciate it! It's a lot of work to write every week, but well worth it in the end.

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