Announcing cargo-manifest: a tool for formatting manifest according to style guidelines

cargo-manifest order and inline Cargo.toml entries depending on config. WIP (work in progress) status!
example manifests.


is the name's similarity to cargo fmt intentional?

(Edit: for anyone reading this now, the project was originally called "cargo fmt". OP has since renamed the project and edited the post accordingly, see below)

The name "cargofmt" was chosen by analogy with "rustfmt".

Hmm, the name is indeed "confusing" given how pervasive cargo fmt is. This means your crate will be shadowed by it and get reduced visibility, which is a pity. What about quickly renaming it? Some random ideas: toml-fmt, fmt-cargo, or manifest-fmt :slightly_smiling_face:

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If its purpose is to format toml files, then toml-fmt seems most appropriate.

I think this is a good idea.

The purpose is to format Cargo.toml files (manifest). Not common toml files.

I think one of the names "cargo-toml-fmt" or "cargo-manifest-fmt" will look good.

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