Announcing binary-heap-plus 0.4.0 (flexible BinaryHeap and more!)

I recently received several PRs for binary-heap-plus and published v0.3.1 and v0.4.0 of the crate.

For most of people who don't know the crate, it's a folk of std::collections::BinaryHeap and adds extra features including:

  • Various heaps (max, min, sorted by closure, sorted by key, etc.)
    • Specific constructors: new(), new_min(), new_by(), new_by_key()
    • Generic consrtructor: from_vec_cmp()
  • into_iter_sorted() which returns values in right order.
    • If you ever surprised when you find into_iter() return values in arbitrary order, it's a feature for you!
  • replace_cmp() (and its unsafe cousin) which replaces comparator of the existing binary heap in place!

... and still maintains backward compatibility.

Hope it helps your project.


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