[ANN] `ssh-key` v0.5.0: now with "sshsig" support

Announcing the v0.5 release of the RustCrypto ssh-key crate:

This release includes dependency updates and a new feature: "sshsig" signing and verification support.

"sshsig" is a general-purpose signature format which uses SSH public and private keys. It includes features like domain separation, which prevents signatures for one application from being (mis)used by another, and generally makes it possible to use already deployed SSH keys for any digital signature application you desire.

SSH signatures in this format are usable with git v2.34.0 and above:

In addition to GnuPG, ssh public crypto can be used for object and
push-cert signing.

Support for such signatures was also recently integrated into GitHub.

If you're looking for a pure Rust solution for creating and verifying SSH signatures, the ssh-key crate should be a great option.


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