[ANN] Embedding Rust Libraries in a Julia Package

This is my attempt to join communities.

I’m putting up a set of examples on how to embed a Rust Library in a Julia Package.

Interfacing between Julia and Rust library is done using Rust’s FFI: the Rust library is exposed as a C dynamic library, and Julia will call Rust functions using ccall .

Wrappers can also be auto-generated using Rust’s cbindgen and Julia’s Clang.jl.

Please, feel free to review and add more examples.


Nice idea! It makes sense to improve interoperability between these two modern llvm-based languages.

In order to better show your intention ("[ANN]") I’ve relabeled your topic as #announcements.
I also took the liberty to minimally rephrase your title, so it can no longer be confused with a question.

I hope you get many contributions!