[ANN] chan is deprecated, use crossbeam-channel instead

The intended successor of chan is the crossbeam-channel crate. Its API is strikingly similar, but comes with a much better select! macro, better performance, a better test suite and an all-around better implementation.

If you were previously using this crate because of chan-signal, then it is simple to reproduce a similar API with crossbeam-channel and the signal-hook crate. For example, here’s chan-signal's notify function:

extern crate crossbeam_channel as channel;
extern crate signal_hook;

fn notify(signals: &[c_int]) -> Result<channel::Receiver<c_int>> {
    let (s, r) = channel::bounded(100);
    let signals = signal_hook::iterator::Signals::new(signals)?;
    thread::spawn(move || {
        for signal in signals.forever() {

Kudos to @anon15139276 for the amazing work on crossbeam-channel, and also kudos to @vorner for the amazingly thorough job well done on the signal-hook crate (which I only just learned about today).


It is nice to see this kind of ecosystem convergence :heart:

My respect for taking this step; I assume it can hard to “let go” of a beloved(?) project.