A Practical Introduction to Derive Macros in Rust

Hey, people. I've just published a video about a practical introduction to derive macros. The video has a dead-simple example, which will help you understand the basics of derive and procedural macros.


Can’t help but notice the typo “Procedular” on one of the earlier slides :sweat_smile:

Besides a few typos, I like the video!

I believe characterizing quote as the inverse of syn is maybe a bit inaccurate, as turning the syntax tree back into tokens is implemented in syn as well, quote only offers the framework for this conversion, via the ToTokens trait, as well as the quote macro, which can be useful on its own when manually working with token streams only, but also interacts with ToTokens nicely.


Hold on, where's the typo?

Thank you.

Appearing around the 0:18 timestamp :wink:

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i was gonna send darwin's sad dance scene but probably have found the best edit of it lol

this typo will probably haunt me before i sleep tonight. :laughing:

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