Zp - Tool to copy contents from a file

Published my first crate today, and I'm awaiting all your suggestions.


The "zp" command is a custom command that takes one argument, which is the name of the source file. The purpose of this command is to copy the contents of the source file to the clipboard, allowing users to easily paste the contents into another file or program.

To use the "zp" command, simply open your terminal or command prompt and type "zp" followed by the name of the source file. For example:

zp myFile.txt

This will copy the contents of "myFile.txt" to the clipboard.

The "zp" command is particularly useful for quickly copying text or data from one file to another without having to manually select and copy the text. This can save time and effort, especially when working with large or complex files.

Find the source code here .

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I think your tool might more useful if it read the contents of stdin rather than directly from a file.

This way it could still be used to copy a file or pipe a stream to the clipboard.


Hey, thank you so much for you suggestion! I just started learning rust and wanted to build something (useful) to learn more about it and the entire lifecycle of building something with it. Will definetly take your suggestions and add more features in the coming days!

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Heyy, you can do this (and more) with zp now! :partying_face:

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