`zmq` build to `x86_64-pc-windows-gnu` target

I am trying to build zmq to a x86_64-pc-windows-gnu target but am running into issues because it tries to use the GNU socket bindings, in particular netdb.h, which aren't meant for Windows.

There are already issues raised about this on the GitHub repo (368, 372), but I have a bit of a time crunch, so am hoping there is at least a quick temporary fix for this.

I have access to both a Linux and Windows machine.

More context
I am trying to build R bindings for my Rust crate using the extendr crate, but it compiles to a *-windows-gnu target which zmq does not like, for the above reasons. I would also be fine building the extendr crate to *-windows-msvc target, but their Makevars script does not like that.

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