Zino: a full-featured web application framework

We are happy to introduce our framework zino to those who may be interested in:

A full-featured web application framework for Rust with a focus on productivity and performance


  • :rocket: Out-of-the-box features for rapid application development.
  • :sparkles: Minimal design, modular architecture and high-level abstractions.
  • :zap: Embrace practical conventions to get the best performance.
  • :elephant: Highly optimized ORM for PostgreSQL built on top of sqlx.
  • :clock8: Lightweight scheduler for sync and async cron jobs.
  • :bar_chart: Support for tracing, metrics and logging.


Currently, we only provide the axum feature to enable an integration with axum. An integration with actix-web is also planned.

mod controller;
mod router;
mod schedule;
mod service;

use zino::Application;

fn main() {

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